About the Award

SCAL Safety Award 2021 for SLOTS registered contractor is back!

Take part in the award and be recognised in advocating and raising WSH practices and standards.



To be eligible, the organisation must satisfy the following conditions in 2020/2021
•  Must be a Singapore List of Trade Subcontractors (SLOTS) registered contractor
•  No fatal accidents
•  No dangerous occurrences
•  No stop work orders received
•  No ongoing investigation, conviction or prosecution of all worksites with regards to matters concerning the workplace under the Workplace Safety and Health Act and its subsidiary legislation
•  Not placed under the MOM’s Business Under Surveillance Program

How to take part 

Applications shall be submitted to SCAL (via email or at SCAL office) no later than 30th July 2021, 5pm sharp.

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Need help?

Contact us to find out more about the award. 

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