About SABS

The SCAL Accredited Builder Scheme (SABS) is developed to recognize Builders who have achieved high quality, safety & health and environmental standards. This arises following a series of consumer feedback and the need to raise the standard of Builders to provide excellent quality and service. SABS Accredited Builders will be recognized by the authorities and consumers as the “preferred choice”. 


Who can apply

This scheme is design for Class 2 General Builder License (GB2) carrying out building works and restricted to undertake projects of $6 million or less. GB2 Builders who wishes to have their management system accredited under SABS and publicly listed under SCAL’s list of Accredited Builders should apply.

Note: the scheme is also open to specialist builders or GB1 Builders who are interested to attain accreditation under SCAL Accredited Builder Scheme.



Be a Builder recommended by stakeholders (Architects, Consultants, etc)  Showcase your commitment to provide a safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly work environment. Be recognised by the industry associations and authorities. Ensure compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. 

& more 

 Assessment Criteria

The company seeking accreditation shall fulfill all the SABS accreditation criteria. Company’s financial capability, track records and human resources will be assessed. The company shall implement a management system(s) that includes best practices on contracts, quality, workplace safety & health and environment. Physical product quality assessment (reference to CONQUAS) will also be conducted to determine the overall quality standard of the company.


Maintaining Certification

SABS accreditation will be awarded for 2-year cycle and subjected to annual surveillance and product quality assessment. Accredited Builders will be allowed to renew their accreditation by successfully completing a renewal audit and product quality assessment before end of the 2-year cycle.

During the term of accreditation, the SABS Accredited Builder shall ensure quality assurance to the customers / clients by upholding the standards of accreditation under SABS.


Applications Are Now Open!


Download SABS Application Forms, Assessment Criteria and Terms & Conditions to find out more. 

For more information or enquires, please do not hesistate to email us at accreditation@scal.com.sg.