With effect from 1 September 2022, all new SCAL member applications will be done via ONLINE. SCAL will not accept any application via EMAIL and/or hardcopy submission. 

Membership Type

SCAL at present have five categories of membership as follows:


Membership Benefits

SCAL is backed by reputable organisations and represented in numerous policy-making committees of government and professional bodies. Here are some of the key benefits as a SCAL member.

Access To
Deep Expertise
As representative of the construction industry, SCAL works closely with various government agencies through its more than 50 representative seats. Going beyond Singapore, SCAL is affiliated with the following international construction organisations: Business leaders and professionals from leading construction companies constitute SCAL’s Council of Management. Members benefit from and have access to the Council’s deep expertise, knowledge and diversity of views through consultations and networking during Members’ events. SCAL has for years collaborated closely with various government agencies, nurturing and cultivating a working relationship that’s based on trust and mutual respect. SCAL regularly conducts bi-lateral consultations with these agencies – including direct participation in policy-making – especially when it involves the implementation of any new regulation, policy or industry standard, and provides regular updates to Members on the progress and outcomes.

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Extensive Network 

SCAL represents more than 3,000 construction firms and allied business in Singapore.

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