About the Award

Productivity and innovation are the key to improving competitiveness of the construction sector and to reduce its reliance on manpower. To promote and enhance continuous growth of the construction industry, the Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL) is committed to leading its members to achieving higher productivity through innovation.

In line with this, SCAL is pleased to announce that Productivity & Innovation Awards (PIA) 2022 is now open for submissions!



-  To spur new ideas and encourage “thinking out of the box” in construction methods, processes and products
- To encourage involvement by workers and staff in the construction sector to create innovative projects/products that will result in significant enhancements at their workplaces


Who is it for


Applications for PIA 2022 are open to all SCAL members. To be eligible, the innovative solution/technology must satisfy the following conditions:

- The solution/technology shall not have been implemented in any project sites or in any department before 1st April 2021.
- The solution/technology shall lead to significant improvements in productivity in the particular area of work in which it will be implemented. Productivity calculations must be recorded and submitted.
- The solution/technology should not introduce new hazards to the workplace. The product should not also infringe copyright and / or patent law.



Shortlisted teams will be required to showcase and publicise their entries through SCAL’s marketing and outreach channels where applicable, upon the decision by SCAL, through the following avenues such as:
- Feature at exhibition of winning entries in built environment events
- Winning innovations will be featured at SCAL’s Annual Dinner
- Provision of a video compilation or newsletter/magazine article of winning entries
- Publication of winning entries on SCAL’s website

How to take part 

Applications are now open to all SCAL members!

To register, please submit your application with the supporting documents via the online registration link.

Detailed information on the guidelines, application, criteria and submission are elaborated in the application form.

Please note that all applications must be received by SCAL latest by 17th  June 2022, 6 pm.


Need help?

Contact Ms Lai Shan
, laishan@scal.com.sg for further clarifications.