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Chairman: Mr Roy Khoo

Co-Chair: Mr Yheng Yee Foon

SCAL's Contracts and Practice committee plays a crucial role in analyzing industry-related contractual and construction issues to safeguard contractors' rights.


  • Examine and address contractual matters and construction practices important to the industry, providing necessary recommendations for the Council's endorsement.
  • Organize dialogues with professional and government bodies to advocate for contractors on policy and contractual matters.
  • Review existing and new policies relevant to contractors' practices to ensure their interests are protected.
  • Safeguard contractors' rights by reviewing standard contract conditions.
  • Foster a close rapport between contractors and government agencies.
  • Raise awareness about important contractual matters within the industry.


  • Promotes a conducive environment for constructive dialogue and informed decision-making through ongoing communication, collaboration, and consistent exchange of information, insights, and perspectives.
  • Forms specialized workgroups to evaluate standard conditions of contracts, enhancing fairness, clarity, and alignment with industry best practices.
  • Provides valuable recommendations for optimizing the contractual framework and promoting equitable relationships in construction projects.
  • Organizing webinars and seminars focused on legal and contractual matters.
  • Offers industry professionals insights on key legal aspects and contractual intricacies relevant to their work.


Chairman: Mr Yong Jian Rong 

SCAL's ESG committee aims to lead and initiate sustainability efforts in the construction industry, driving positive environmental and social impact.


  • Increase awareness among members about the environmental impacts of construction.
  • Promote and educate members on sustainable construction practices.
  • Collaborate with organizations, institutions, and government bodies locally and internationally to share sustainable development solutions and foster technology sharing.


  • Organizes talks on environmental and sustainable construction topics to promote awareness, best practices, knowledge-sharing, and member education.
  • Encourages members to engage in sustainable construction practices by introducing relevant technologies and solutions.
  • Oversees the appointment of representatives to external committees, fostering idea exchange and collaboration with other organizations on sustainability.
  • Reviews environmental sustainability regulations and provides feedback to regulatory bodies to improve awareness and compliance among members.


Chairman: Mr Quek Hong Peng

The Lu Ban Committee is dedicated to preserving and promoting the revered cultural heritage of Lu Ban, the master carpenter hailed as the Chinese deity of builders.


  • Upholds Lu Ban's cultural heritage by maintaining the Lu Ban Shrine and advising SCAL's Council on any relevant cultural matters.
  • Coordinates and executes Lu Ban's Birthday celebration, creating an atmosphere of joy and reverence.
  • Administers the SCAL-Lu Ban Bursary Awards and manages donations to schools from the SCAL-Lu Ban Education Fund.


  • The committee supports the planning and execution of the yearly Lu Ban Birthday Anniversary Celebrations and ceremonial prayer to honor Lu Ban's legacy.
  • The committee oversees the SCAL – Lu Ban Bursary Awards, identifying deserving recipients, and identifies schools for potential donations from the SCAL-Lu Ban Education Fund. Initiatives are evaluated to make a meaningful impact on lives in Singapore.


Chairman: Mr Ng Yek Meng

Co-Chair: Mr Roy Khoo

The Membership and Welfare committee serves the interests of contractors in the construction industry by promoting rapport and interaction among member companies and reinforcing members’ efforts and responsibilities towards their employees’ welfare and society’s less fortunate. It also seeks to promote membership and identify and accredit a core of active trade subcontractors who meet the quality and productivity needs of the industry through the SLOTS programme.



  • Embracing and encouraging initiatives that are geared towards making a positive impact on the local communities.
  • Providing support to the Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) and the less privileged through contributions in-kind donations, volunteerism, and community outreaches.
  • Creating opportunities and encouraging SCAL members and employees to participate in various Corporate Social Responsibility projects.
  • Setting up and administering the scholarship and welfare fund designed for members' benefit.

SCAL's Young Leader Programme (YLP) recognizes and develops the next generation of leaders to promote a more inclusive and representative leadership structure. 
  • Build and nurture the next generation of leaders for Singapore’s construction industry tomorrow.
  • Provide a platform for networking among young building professionals who are passionate about the construction industry.
  • Ensure continuity of building and construction industry leaders and professionals.
  • Work towards the industry's perception of being Productive, Progressive and Professional.

SCAL works with leading industry firms to proactively identify these young talented professionals who have a passion for the construction industry and would like to drive positive construction improvements in the world today and for the generations to come.


Chairman: Mr Jacob Wong

Co-Chair: Mr Andy Lu 

The Manpower & Policy Committee of SCAL is dedicated to keeping members informed about regulatory changes, advocating for their interests with relevant bodies, and gathering member feedback.


  • Disseminate information and advocate for members' interests with relevant regulatory bodies to ensure fair and beneficial manpower policies for the construction industry.
  • Gather valuable feedback from members to address their needs and concerns effectively.
  • Deliberate on manpower issues and policies in the construction industry, focusing on promoting best practices and addressing challenges like labour shortages, training, and workforce development in Singapore.


  • Engage with ministries and authorities in dialogue sessions to discuss construction industry manpower, regulations, and policy issues.
  • Inform members about new government policies and gather their feedback on how these policies may affect their businesses.
  • Organize social and recreational activities for foreign workers in the construction industry, fostering camaraderie and a positive work environment.



Chairman: Mr Dominic Choy

Co- Chair: Mr Raymond Chan

SCAL’s Productivity and Technology committee is responsible for the transformation journey in the industry by driving initiatives and programmes including productivity, digitalisation, quality and standards.


  • Monitoring developments in new technologies and introducing them to SCAL members for potential implementation, including plants and equipment, to drive productivity improvements.
  • Identifying key digitalization needs in under-digitalized areas and providing solutions to enhance productivity, safety, and cost-effectiveness while reducing wastage.
  • Promoting awareness of digitalization's productivity and safety advantages while enhancing member companies' capacity for effective technology utilization.
  • Enhancing subcontractor capabilities and quality to meet future demands sustainably, efficiently addressing the industry's procurement needs.
  • Ensuring SCAL's active involvement in the development of national standards relevant to industry practices and interests.
  • Appointing and overseeing SCAL representatives to ensure alignment of feedback provided to professional organizations with the collective interests of the Association and its members.


  • Organizing the annual SCAL Productivity and Innovation Awards.
  • Updating IDD trends and financial schemes information to keep members informed about technology adoption and cost-saving opportunities.
  • Information sharing of productivity case studies and methods in the Construction Industry to assist members with technology adoption.
  • Engaging stakeholders in the Construction Industry, including government bodies, contractors, suppliers, and solution providers, to ensure a comprehensive approach.
  • Collaborating with authorities, Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), networking across the Construction Industry Joint Committee (CIJC) and solution/service providers to foster partnerships and leverage collective expertise.
  • Organizing events and outreach programs and consolidating SCAL representatives for external workgroups to establish and extend technology adoption and practices.
  • Reviewing and offering feedback on draft codes to ensure their relevance and effectiveness for industry practices, while advocating for the adoption and dissemination of endorsed or developed industry practices.


Chairman: Mr Kenneth Loo

The Public Affairs and International Relations committee aims to keep members informed about the latest construction and building industry developments.


  • To provide regular publications which updates members on current news of the construction and building industry.
  • Provide regular publications which update members on current news of the construction and building industry.
  • Market Singapore contractors as an entity as and when they participate in overseas missions, exhibitions, and trade fairs.
  • Initiate closer ground level contact among SCAL members for the purposes of sharing and exchanging overseas experience.


  • Produces timely updates for members through monthly newsbites (SCAL Insider) and quarterly newsletters (The Contractor).
  • Manages media liaisons and fosters international relations to promote the interests of the industry.
  • Coordinates foreign trade missions and participates in global conferences and exhibitions to strengthen international business ties.
  • Administers Bursary Awards and SCAL Lu Ban Scholarship Awards with fairness and transparency.
  • Maintains The Contractors' Directory to facilitate effective networking and business collaborations among members.


Chairman: Mr Wilson Wong 

Co-Chair: Ms Foong Yu Han

The SLOTS committee aims to foster professionalism among specialist subcontractors and elevate the quality and capabilities of subcontractors.


  • Working with SLOTS members for more effective industry engagement and feedback.
  • Collaborate with SLOTS members for improved industry engagement and feedback.
  • Promote professionalism among specialist subcontractors.
  • Enhance the quality and capabilities of subcontractors to meet future demands and achieve sustainable business growth, better serving industry procurement needs.


  • Engages with members and the council to address issues related to workforce skills, productivity, WSH regulations, and contractual obligations.
  • Forms specialized workgroups to evaluate industry practices and gather feedback from SLOTS members.
  • Develops practical recommendations for addressing the evolving needs and challenges faced by specialist subcontractors.


Chairman: Mr Kenneth Siew

Co-Chair: Mr Hong Wee Khong

The WSH Committee is dedicated to fostering workplace safety and health in the construction industry through proactive measures, education, and collaboration with stakeholders.


  • Promote Total Workplace Safety and Health (TWSH) through ownership and technology adoption to achieve Zero Harm. TWSH is a comprehensive approach to ensure workers' safety and well-being by addressing all hazards and risks, with Zero Harm as the core principle, promoting a workplace culture where safety is ingrained as a core value for everyone.


  • Orchestrates various initiatives for members, including safety campaigns, seminars, site visits, and webinars to promote workplace safety.
  • Oversees WSH Awards for Supervisors and WSH Innovation Awards, recognizing outstanding achievements in workplace safety and health practices.
  • Holds regular meetings with relevant organizations to ensure alignment with guidelines and regulations.
  • Conducts committee meetings to discuss and address construction safety issues and develop industry guidelines and proposals.
  • Organizes specialized workgroup meetings on various safety topics, ensuring comprehensive safety efforts.