Updated Stay-Home Notice Regime for Foreign Workers

From 6 October 2021, 2359 hours, all travellers with recent travel history to Category III and IV countries will only be required to complete a 10-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN), instead of the original 14 days. In view of this, all Work Permit and S Pass holders arriving from Category III and IV countries who are staying in dormitories or working in the Construction, Marine and Process (CMP) sectors will only have to undergo a 10-day SHN at a SHN Dedicated Facility (SDF).

The Ministry of Manpower has sent out an advisory to all employers regarding these new measures, which includes the following:

Transitional arrangements for those serving their Stay-Home Notice before 7 October 2021
For foreign workers who have completed 10 days or more of their SHN by 7 October 2021, they will undergo an exit Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test on 6 October. If their PCR result is negative, they will be discharged from the SDF on 7 October 2021.
For foreign workers who have not completed 10 days or more of their SHN by 7 October 2021, they will undergo an exit PCR test on the 10th day of their SHN period. They will be discharged from the SDF on the 11th day of their SHN period, after receiving a negative PCR result.
If your foreign workers are affected by this transition period, you will receive an email from MOM on your foreign workers’ movements.

Residential Onboarding Programme (applicable to Non-Malaysian CMP Work Permit holders)

Non-Malaysian Work Permit Holders (WPHs) from the CMP sector holding In-Principle Approval (IPA) will be required to complete their 10-day SHN, followed by a 4-day residential onboarding programme at the Migrant Worker Onboarding Centre (MWOC). This is an existing arrangement and has not changed.
A summary of the measures for the different groups are as follows:
Foreign Worker Groups
10-day SHN
4-day Onboarding Programme at MWOC
CMP Sectors Non-Malaysian WPHs holding IPA YES YES
Malaysian WPH and S-Pass Holders
Existing2 non-Malaysian WPHs
All S-Pass Holders
Non-CMP Sectors All WPHs and S-Pass Holders YES NO

: 1 As of 23 September 2021, Category III and IV include all countries and regions, except Australia, Brunei, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Mainland China, New Zealand, Poland, Republic of Korea and Saudi Arabia. You may find out more on the updated categories here.

2 This refers to returning foreign workers with live work passes who have arrived in Singapore and attended the SIP previously.

You may refer to the entry approval letter for more details about your foreign workers’ SHN.
The SHN fees will be adjusted due to the changes to the SHN regime. MOM will be informing you of the revised fees at a later stage, should you have foreign workers arriving in Singapore from 7 October 2021.
You may also refer to the frequently asked questions here. For further queries, please contact MOM at www.mom.gov.sg/efeedback .